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Tikr: a Snack Activity Toy for Dogs!!

Snacktivity at its finest! Unlike anything you've ever seen before, tikr offers a tail waggin' new experience both you and your dog will have a blast with, over and over again! Tikr excites, surprises, and engages your dog's mind and body, all while helping to reduce anxiety issues! 

  • Features a built-in timer which requires no batteries or charging!
  • Holes line up from small to large as the timer unwinds, exposing the goodies inside.
  • Snacks can only fall out when the holes in the toy align, so your dog remains captivated.
  • Playtime can be as short as 5 minutes, or as long as 45. You decide!
  • Recommended for dogs up to 50lbs.

Tikr's magic comes from the built-in timer, and strategically-sized holes. Load tikr with different sized snacks, then set the timer. As the timer unwinds, the holes will slowly line up allowing snacks to casually fall out according to size. Snacks that remain inside will keep dogs mesmerized as they play, for upwards of 45 minutes!  They'll be continually rewarded along the way, with the largest snacks being saved for the very end.

Best of all, tikr uses no electronics or batteries.

What makes tikr... tick?


Load tikr with a variety of snack sizes.


Twist the dial to set the length of play time - up to 45 minutes! Keep'em guessing by randomizing the time.


Play is continually rewarded as the timer unwinds, with bigger and bigger snacks being revealed. Small snacks keep the game fun, medium snacks are a nice surprise, and the big Kahuna is saved for the end!


Snacks keep your dog curious and captivated. Specially designed tikr snacks are the perfect size.

Tikr is WAY more than just a toy!

Tikr is an exhilarating activity toy with a "twist", delivering a MAXIMIZED snack experience, time after time, after time!

Tikr is less of an extravagance and more of a necessity (an interactive tool if you will) for your dog's overall well-being. Tikr solves the ULTIMATE problem - keeping dogs entertained for prolonged periods of time. Your dog will be instantly captivated, and will enjoy exhilarating play... each and every time!  

Oh, and did we mention... tikr uses no electronics or batteries!

Dogs absolutely LOVE playing with tikr!

Consider tikr a delivery system for adventure! To a dog, it's like he's Indiana Jones and has just discovered some rubbery treasure - who knows what's inside?!  Once the snacks are released, he's accomplished a great feat, and gets an instant reward...  

And then, the adventure starts all over again!  


It's about time.