We set out to create tikr with a single mission in mind:

To develop a safe, fun, and exciting way to keep dogs entertained and engaged for a prolonged period of time, that more importantly, you can control! 

And, that's precisely what we did! 

After spending years (and a lot of money) searching for safe, healthy and long lasting snack toys; we were disappointed to find there were no great solutions out there. No matter which toy we brought home, our dogs figured them out… by getting to the snacks too quickly, and ultimately losing interest. 

So, we came up with tikr!

Tikr has been a labor of love for the past three years. Tikr is safe and durable, and there’s no doubt dogs absolutely love it!  We’re excited to share tikr with the entire dog community (and you) so that everyone can join in the fun!  

You're just a "CLICK" away!


As they say... a bored dog is a bad dog.

Sadly, the number one reason dogs are placed into shelters is due to behavioral issues. Fact is, with some training, and a little help from toys like tikr, most of these issues are often correctable and avoidable. Rest assured that tikr will keep your dog occupied for hours. And, if we can assist in saving a few pups, and ease owner frustrations along the way, well that's pretty awesome, too!

Speaking of shelters... we are planning to outfit shelters across the country with tikr (and other SBARK products) at deeply discounted rates.  We're not the first to do this, and we certainly hope we are not the last!

Pairing Veterans with Service Dogs.

One of our behind-the-scenes goals is to pair service dogs with Veterans. There is an ever increasing demand, and it's currently difficult (and expensive) to find perfect matches. We working towards unique partnerships with groups such as Wounded Warrior Project and other high-profile organizations focused on the Veteran community to develop a FREE network Veterans can utilize. Additionally, a portion of all tikr proceeds will go towards this endeavor.

Top this!

Future products are on their way!  As an example, tikr tops are removable by design, and we're planning on introducing new styles in the near future. Each style may include different sized holes and shape sizes, textured surface areas, all while offering varying levels of difficulty and durability.

Here's a sneak peak!

Future Tikr possibilities - experimenting with thick lines for different textures
Future Tikr possibilities - experimenting with bumpy dots for different textures


We are the SBARK dogs!

Each "pick of the litter" member of the SBARK dog team brings a unique skill set to the pack. Aside from all of us being dog lovers, each of us have a deep passion for tikr and the SBARK brand.  Dedicated to constant improvement and driven to innovate, we absolutely love what we do. Ultimately, we are determined to ensure everlasting fun, for not only dogs, but for the entire SBARK team as well. 


Our journey has just begun!

Although tikr is our flagship product (the SBARK if you will), we currently have several other innovative pet focused products in the works. Some of these products will be extensions and/or variations of tikr, while others will be aimed at solving a few more common problems that plague pet owners. And yet a few others will simply be... well, fun!

Tikr time has just begun. Watch out for more products from SBARK in future months.