Mud Bay began in 1988 when Elsa Wulff bought a tiny farm store. The store was housed in an eighty-year old building on Mud Bay, which runs west of the Olympia and spans the bottom end of Mud Bay, one of the southern arms of Puget Sound.

During Mud Bay's first decade, the company grew by giving things up. Item by item, the company eliminated everything that wasn't made for animals. No more pop tarts. No more fertilizer, no more oysters! As big box retailers filled with merchandise for hundreds of species of pets were sprigging up from coast to coast, Mud Bay was one of a small group of retailers who were doing something quote different. Instead of carrying supplies for every pet, Mud Bay focused on Dogs and Cats. And instead of carrying "everything" Mud Bay focused on highest quality - best in breed if you will!

And they've continued their pursuit of excellence by introducing TIKR into their stores! TIKR will make its way into their locations starting in Q1 of 2017!

If you have not visited one of their stores, please do. You won't be disappointed. Click HERE to view their store directory.